Hardwood Rocking Horses
All our horses are made from locally sourced hardwood timbers such as oak, beech, ash and even bog oak.  These are top quality timbers and are sustainably grown.   Rich in texture and beautiful to behold, these handsome pieces impart a sense of strength and longevity.

Each rocking horse is made from a hardwood of your choice, set on a swinger stand or rocker, and completed with saddle, bridle and real horsehair.

The horses are mounted on a secure safety stand available in a hardwood of your choice to match your surroundings.

The traditional bow shaped rocker is usually made from ash due to its strength and flexibility.

Rocking Horse sizes
Available in 4 sizes: extra large and medium on bow rockers; and large and medium on swinger stand.

Extra large horse on bow rocker – 50″ high x 72″ long.
Large horse on swinger stand – 48″ high x 60″ long
Medium horse on rocker – 40″ high x 65″ long;
Medium horse on swinger stand -43″ high x 48″ long.

The large horse is tall and majestic on a swinger stand or rocker.  It has an arched neck and shows muscles.  It is strong and large enough for a child of any size or a lightweight adult.  It won’t however, win the Derby!

The medium sized horse is big enough to last a child until around 12 years of age and hard wearing enough to withstand countless years of use.

Prices range from €1250 to €2500.

Only real horsehair is used for manes and tails ensuring a natural and realistic appearance.  The hair comes in a choice of colours.

As part of our design your time capsule can be inserted into the cavity in the centre of the body as we are completing your horse.