Here at Celtic Rocking Horses, our Irish handmade rocking horses are made without compromise from carefully selected hardwoods, finished and polished to show the natural hardwood grain, with real horse hair and the finest saddlery.

The timber used can be a hardwood of your choice, and include oak, beech, ash and even bog oak. These are top quality hardwoods, rich in texture and beautiful to behold, imparting a sense of strength and longevity. The horses are mounted on a secure safety stand

The traditional bow shaped rocker is usually made from ash due to its strength and flexibility.

History and culture

A Rocking Horse today as throughout history, can be considered a child’s favoured possession. They sometimes become not only thought of a plaything when young, but eventually a treasured item synonymous with an individuals’ personal history and heritage, and become a cherished heirloom passed from generation to generation.

Rocking Horses have been carved in Europe for over four centuries.  They have played many roles, once only a possession of nobility for teaching a child to ride and balance, to being a showpiece chosen by designers as the finishing touch to a room.